Why Home Health Care can Transform the Medical System

Healthcare in the United States isn’t what it used to be.

Some people cringe at the mere thought of visiting their doctor. Others strongly dislike hospitals and avoid them at all costs.

Many live with chronic conditions for years, refusing to have their symptoms checked out.

Why is this? What can we do to transform our medical system? And further… how do we bring the care back into healthcare?

In this article, we explore the dysfunction in our medical system.  We’ll also understand why compassionate home healthcare can transform the dysfunction.

DID YOU KNOW… the average time a patient is able to speak to their doctor before being interrupted is only 12 seconds?

busy overwhelmed doctor who has no time for patients, dysfunctional medical system

In fact, most primary care doctors’ appointments are scheduled at 15-minute intervals.

Some physicians even admit they’ve been asked to see patients every 11 minutes.

That equates to a lot of patients seen in any given day!

Is this really a good thing? Do we value productivity more than authenticity?

Does focusing on quantity versus quality build a sustainable medical system?

How can doctors support their patients’ health if doctors know nothing about their patients’ lives?

And further, how can doctors effectively learn about their patients’ lives when patients are only given 12 seconds to speak?

In order for a doctor to fully understand what a patient is dealing with, the doctor must listen.

With only 12 seconds, are patients being thoroughly listened to? How can we provide quality healthcare when we’re not building quality relationships?

It appears as though compassionate healthcare has been hijacked and overtaken by technology.

Sadly, electronic devices and mobile applications are more prevalent in doctors’ offices than health histories and life conversations.  

And because of the affordable care act, this problem will only worsen as more people have access to health insurance.


Here’s the Frightening Problem with Our Medical System…

stressed out doctor with no time to see patients, transform the healthcare system

Doctors don’t have the time. They’re booked beyond capacity and too busy to fully get to know their patients.

Nurses are overwhelmed and overworked – trying to pick up the where the doctors left off.

And hospitals can’t provide enough caregiver resources to keep up with the need.

In the past, doctors used to visit patients in their homes. They always carried a medical bag with commonly used tools, medications, and instruments.

Doctors personally knew each and every patient and understood their health issues on a deeper level.

Additionally, doctors used to engage with patients’ family members, getting to know their dynamic. This in and of itself can be more healing to a patient than anything else.

With this approach, doctors not only provided care for their patients, but they genuinely cared about their patients.

This approach worked. It worked because patients were treated like human beings – not numbers on a bar-coded wristband.

Patients are people. Real people with real feelings who desire real connections.

Our modern approach to health care has stripped away real human connection.

The lack of real connection breeds lack of compassion. And without compassion, care is no longer present in health care.

Are you starting to recognize the pattern?

In order to transform the medical system, we must bring the care back into healthcare.

We’re not suggesting we revert our medical system back to the way it was in 1950. The cost of doctor home visits would greatly outweigh the benefits.

Nor do we agree with the direction of our current medical system. Instead, we’re presenting an equal balance of both – a marriage between patient care and productivity.

This is precisely why compassionate home health care can help tremendously. Having skilled medical professionals (nurses, therapists, health aides… etc.) visiting patients’ homes could transform the medical system.

Once a doctor orders for home health care, an accredited home healthcare agency can schedule home visits.

Let’s explore this solution further…


…And here’s a Progressive Solution – Compassionate Home Health Care

compassionate home health care visiting nurse, bring the care back into healthcare

The solution we offer and approach we advocate is home health care.

Home health care integrates compassionate, in-home visits from the past with technology of the present.

It’s a progressive solution that combines skilled health care with unbridled empathy and hospitality. 

Home health care consists of a wide range of services that can be provided in the patient’s home.

Home health care usually addresses a specific illness or injury but can also include some of the following services:

  • Wound Care (surgical and non-surgical)
  • Patient and Caregiver Education
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Injections
  • Monitoring Conditions of Severe Illness or Disease

Home healthcare is less expensive and more convenient than hospital care. Additionally, home health care is just as effective as care received in a skilled nursing facility.

With home health care, thousands of jobs will be created. Millions of lives will be positively impacted. And doctors will finally be able to enjoy a breath of relief as they will now have enough caregiver resources to handle their patient load.

The potential is massive. Think about the positive impact on our healthcare system, our economy… and even your bank account – if you choose to open an agency.

Home health care enables patients to build strong relationships with their care provider. These powerful relationships are the foundation of a sustainable medical system.

Since most people prefer to be cared for in the comfort of their own home anyways, compassionate home health care is the ideal solution.

The question is… are YOU ready to be part of the solution? Here’s your chance to transform the medical system!

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