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Start a Home Care Business with no Home Care Franchise fees


HOME CARE BUSINESS slider 1Below you will find an accurate comparison between starting your own home care business, with 21st Century Care Providers and buying a home care franchise from one of the many home care franchise companies. In addition to the fact that you will write a large check to your home care franchise twice a month, here are some other reasons you will want to start your own home care business:

  • The home care franchise will limit you by restricting the territory in which you can operate your home care franchise.
  • After your home care franchise has been established, the need for the home care franchisee diminishes drastically, yet you will still be paying 4 to 7 % of your gross sales every year to the home care franchise.
  • $17,500 to $55,000 a year, for as long as you own your home care franchise; and that’s before YOU get paid! Don’t open a home care franchise, let us open your home care business for you!
Thank You for Your Interest in a Home Health Career.
We respond usually within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.  Please note: we are a consulting company that helps people start home care businesses.  We can not help you resolving issues or finding care for your loved ones.

Q: Why pay a monthly home care franchise fee?

A: With our home care business startup Program, there are NO home care franchise Fees.

Q: Why have home care franchise territory restrictions?

A: The home care franchise must adhere to home care franchise territory restriction which limits the home care franchise to cover only a small service area.

Q: Why pay a home care franchise royalty fees?

A: With 21st Century Care Providers you pay a one time payment for your home care business, there are no home care franchise fees.

With 21st Century Care Providers you can open a home care business anywhere. Say no to home care franchise fees and restrictions.

Q: Why pay 4% – 7% of gross sales every year to a home care franchise?

A: With our home care business startup program, you are starting your own home care business. What you earn is what you keep! Why rent a home care franchise when you can own your own home care business?

Do you want to RENT a home care franchise or own your very own home care business?

We help you build a home care business with the proper tools, resources, in-depth home care training and support services to help you become a successful home care business. We believe our home care business startup model is the greatest home care business opportunities available today. It is also emotionally rewarding and allows you to reap the benefits of home care business ownership while truly making a difference in the everyday lives of your clients. Why start a home care franchise when you can own your own home care business?




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