Finding Clients for Your Home Care Agency

Where Do I Find New Clients for my Home Care Business? The uncountable amount of distractions that come with owning a home care or home health care business demands your attention in so many ways. At times you can get so overloaded, it would be easy to forget what made you want to get into this business in the first place – you want

Home Care Agency Profit

Home Care Agency Profit When your home care agency takes on a new client, chances are this will be a private pay client, although, your home care agency may find opportunity with Medicaid waiver programs or local VA programs. When your home care agency does take on a new client, you will conduct a client assessment assessing the needs of your client and determining

How to Get a Home Care Agency License in Your State

How to Get a Home Care Agency License in Your State If you want to start a home care agency, 21st Century Home Health Consultants can help. There may be a home care agency license requirement in your state. If you want to start a home care business, 21st Health Care Consultants can help. There may be a home care license that you will need to obtain before you


Cost to Start A Home Care Business

Cost to Start a Home Care Business How much does it cost to start a home care business? The cost to start a home care business is nothing compared to most other business opportunities. Not only that, the cost to start a home care business is a great investment offering a higher profit potential than most other business opportunities you will find. Home care

Start a Non-Medical Home Care Business or Agency

The Difference Between a Home Care Business and a Home Health Care Business

Within Homecare stems Companion care, personal care and skilled care; three different but equally important types of care for men and women that require assistance with skilled nursing, daily living or desire companion care. The need for homecare facilities are higher than ever due to the increase in elderly population as well as the baby boomer generation.

Both companion care, personal care and skilled care have tasks and requirements that can range from simple to more complex forms of care respectively. Read article…

compassion for home health care

Home Health Care can Transform the Medical System

Did you know… the average time a patient is able to speak to their doctor before being interrupted is only 12 seconds? In fact, most primary care doctors’ appointments are scheduled at 15-minute intervals.

How can doctors support their patients’ health if doctors know nothing about their patients’ lives? It appears as though compassionate healthcare has been hijacked and overtaken by technology. Sadly, electronic devices and mobile applications are more prevalent in doctors’ offices than health histories and life conversations.

Here’s the Frightening Problem with Our Medical System… Doctors don’t have the time. They’re booked beyond capacity and too busy to fully get to know their patients. Nurses are overwhelmed and overworked – trying to pick up the where the doctors left off. And hospitals can’t provide enough caregiver resources to keep up with the need.

Do we value productivity more than authenticity? In this article, we explore the dysfunction in our medical system. We’ll also understand why home health care can transform the dysfunction, bringing the “care” back into healthcare. Read article…

enjoy the summer with your elders

Help Elderly Loved Ones Enjoy Summer

As the weather heats up, we celebrate summer with pool parties and backyard barbecues. Summer is the season for celebrating good times with family and friends. Perhaps the company of a loving parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent would make the experience even more memorable…

With all the cookouts and parties, we must always remember to celebrate summer with elderly family members. As home care providers, how can we include elderly family members in our summer celebrations? What are ways to ensure our elderly loved ones enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy time?

Whether you’re a caregiver for a sick loved one or just want to include elderly family members in your festivities, it’s imperative to cater to their specific needs.

In this article, we explore some tips and ideas on how caregivers can help elderly loved ones enjoy summer. Read article…

home care business is booming

4 Reasons to Recession-Proof Your Career

In today’s volatile economy, the looming threat of recession lurks around every corner. Inflation is skyrocketing along with National debt. Unemployment and cost of living is on the rise while technology continues eliminating jobs. How do we continue moving forward when the road is paved with doubt and fear?

Opportunities for opening a home care business are more abundant than ever. This is mainly due to the sharp increase in elderly population as well as baby boomer generation. As the increase continues, there will be a tremendous shortage of home care agencies to keep up with the demand.

For a success-minded entrepreneur, a home care business investment will transform your finances….. and your life. in this article, we explore 4 reasons opening a home care business can recession-proof your career. Read article…