Start a Home Hospice Business or Open a Home Care Hospice Agency

If you’re wondering how to start a home hospice business or open a home care hospice agency, look no further.  21st Century Health Care Consultants offers a turnkey hospice startup program! All that are involved in Hospice care share a similar vision that no one is ordinary. Life and death hold the possibilities of extraordinary beginnings and endings. Improving the quality of life for those with progressive, advanced or terminal illnesses requires highly developed skills.

In addition, a sustainable business model within a positive organizational culture is essential.

We understand the importance of developing effective partnerships and how it is final critical component for long-term success. We provide our clients with a complete understanding of all Hospice home care requirements.

Through years of Hands on experience our hospice consultants have a complete understanding of Hospice Home Care and how to set up and help you operate your own successful Hospice Agency. We are experts in clinical and operational requirements needed to maximize your organizations performance.

21st Century Health Care Consultants was established in January 1995 to service the dedicated needs of home health agencies. Through the years we have assisted well over a thousand clients to open and successfully operate their very own agencies.

We employ a team approach to the critical issues of organizational performance, strategy development, accreditation and licensure, interim management, executive coaching, and the many other challenges agencies face every day. We provide  a  completely turnkey hospice startup program.

We will  work with your team to fully understand the big picture of your new hospice agency. Health care leaders have chosen 21st Century Health Care Consultants for results that lead to improved quality, reimbursement, clinical and operational outcomes.

We have developed proven processes for documentation in hospice licensing and hospice Medicare Certification. Let us help you start your hospice agency from the ground up. We will take you through the process of State Hospice Licensure and Medicare Accreditation.

Assisting you in painless transition from inception to certification is our goal.

Why Hospice Accreditation is Important

Hospice Accreditation using the CHAP Accrediting Body is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of a Home Health Care Agency, along with its products and services. In the US, standard setting by industry leaders with peer review is widely accepted.