Non-Medicaid Home Care Financial Assistance Programs by State

In many states there are low income seniors who are not eligible for Medicaid. For those who qualify there are in-home assistance programs available. The goal of such programs are to delay or prevent the placement of individuals in nursing homes. This is also known as “nursing home diversion programs”. Sources of funding varies, eligibility and benefits are available based on patient needs. Some programs provide cash assistance while others provide assistance with daily living activities; such as chores, meals, transportation, etc. As another option, adult day care and assistance with home modifications may be available. All of the programs listed are provide to help seniors remain independent. There are many programs available, some may have different eligibility requirements. All will require screening based on age, income, financial resources and other information.

Please follows the links below to read about specific programs in your state

Arizona NMHCBS Nebraska Lifespan Respite
Alaska Senior Benefits Nebraska Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults
Alaska Senior Access Program Nebraska Disabled Persons and Family Support
Alaska Adult Day Services Nebraska Assistance to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled
Alaska Senior In-Home Services Nevada COPE
California Alzheimer’s Day Care Nevada Homemaker Program
California In-Home Supportive Services New Hampshire Transitions in Caregiving
Colorado Old Age Pension New Jersey Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care
Colorado Home Care Allowance New Jersey Statewide Respite Care
Connecticut CHCPE New Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving
Delaware Adult Day Care and Alzheimer’s Day Treatment New York Expanded EISEP Program
CARE Delaware North Carolina In Home Aide Services
DC’s Senior Citizens’ Home Repair North Carolina Project C.A.R.E.
Florida OSS for Seniors North Dakota Older Americans Act Services
Florida Project R.E.L.I.E.F. North Dakota SPED and Ex-SPED
Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative Oklahoma Respite Resource
Florida CCE Program Oklahoma Adult Day Care Services
Florida Home Care for the Elderly Oklahoma In Home Assistance Services for the Elderly
Florida Local Services Program Oregon Project Independence
Hawaii Kupuna Care Pennsylvania Options Program
Hawaii Kupuna Care Rhode Island Home and Community Care Co-Pay Program
Hawaii Chore Services Program South Dakota Homemaker, Chore and Respite Care Programs
Idaho Senior Respite Tennessee OPTIONS for Community Living
Idaho Homemaker Services Texas CCAD Program
Illinois Community Care Texas Community Attendant Services
Indiana Choice Texas DADS Services to Assist Independent Living
Iowa Able Foundation Loan Program Texas In-Home and Family Support Program
Iowa Senior Living – Case Management Program Tennessee Homemaker / Adult Day Care
Kansas Senior Care Act Utah The Alternatives Program
Kansas Senior Care Act Vermont Dementia Care Respite
Kentucky Hart-Supported Living Virginia Adult Services
Kentucky Personal Care Attendant Washington Volunteer Chore Services
Kentucky Adult Day Care and Alzheimer’s Respite West Virginia Ron Yost Program
Maine Home-Based Care West Virginia In Home Services for the Elderly
Maryland Senior Care Program West Virginia Family Alzheimer’s In-Home
Maryland In Home-Aide Services West Virginia Lighthouse Program
Massachusetts HCP and ECOP Programs Wisconsin SSI Exceptional Expense Supplement
Minnesota Alternative Care Program Wisconsin Community Options Program
Mississippi In Home Care Services / Homemaker Program Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Family & Caregiver Support
Nebraska Assistance to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled Wisconsin Family Care and Partnership
Wyoming CBIHS

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