Oasis and Coding Program


Precise home health care coding is imperative to comply with federal rules and regulations and to ensure proper revenue is received.


In 1948, the World Health Organization took over the classification system and created the International Classification of Diseases, which it updates every 10 years. The latest version, ICD-10, is used worldwide except in the U.S., which will fully adopt it beginning October 1, 2014.

Medical home health billing began to automate in the 1980s, creating a whole new field of software and technologies to replace paperwork. Medicare now requires all bills to be sent electronically, and electronically transmits payment to providers. Most insurance companies also require electronic billing.

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 with the final rule published on July 3, 2000 required that Home Care Agencies be reimbursed thru the Prospective Payment System (PPS).  The PPS required the use of OASIS sets and the transmittal of required information including accurate diagnosis coding.

Reimbursement for Home Care Agencies would be based on the information transmitted which included correctly coded diagnosis.

As coding has become more complex and covered more specialties, a need has arose for professionals who could concentrate on coding data to send to insurance companies and Medicare.

21st Century Home Care Coding Solutions will provide you with those professional services.

Home Health Agencies that are currently coding ICD-9 will need to prepare for the transition to ICD-10. The agency needs to understand that this will be a time when coding productivity will be decreased related to the change over and the potential for expensive errors will greatly increase.