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How to open a Senior care Business

Senior care businesses are in demand. Our population is growing older and living longer, commanding a need for Senior care businesses offering Personal Care and Companion Care Services. The aging of society brings with it new challenges for individuals, families, and entire communities. The demand for Senior care, Personal Care and Companion Care Agencies are on the rise. Our aging population is in better health and are more financially secure than former generations, which means more profit potential for your Senior care business. Each hour 1,000 people turn 65. That is 1,000 people a day who may qualify for Senior care, Personal Care or Companion Care benefits. The 85-and-older population is expected to more than triple between 2010 and 2050. Senior care businesses will benefit in this thriving market. What is the best way for a family to provide care for their loved one? Your Senior care business will allow a family to seek Personal Care or Companion Care for their loved one in the comfort of their own Senior, without the need of an assisted living facility or nursing Senior. Despite economic fluctuations, there will always be a growing need for Senior care agencies providing Personal Care and Companion Care services.

Opening a Senior care business creates one of the most exciting business opportunities for those entrepreneurs who act to take advantage of this unprecedented phenomenon.

How can you can make a positive change in the lives of others?

By making your dream of starting a Senior care business a reality. You can make a positive change in someone life. Seniors and their families need help with their activities of daily living. Your passion and Senior care Business can make a real difference in the lives.

What do I need to do to open a Senior care Business?

First you need to be confident in knowing that when you open your Senior care business that there will be a caring, knowledgeable support group guiding you every step of the way. Know that unlike most Senior care Franchises we not only obtain your Senior care license. We are experienced Senior care consultants offering consultation and lifetime Senior care training.

Did you know that the start-up costs associated with obtaining your Senior care Business are very affordable and opening a Senior care business can be operated from your Senior?

Unlike most new business and associated start-up costs, When you open a Senior care business there is very low and predicted overhead. A Senior care business may be operated from a Senior office according to your states Senior care license requirements.

What are the costs associated with opening a Senior care Franchise?

You can avoid the high costs associated with Franchises. By using a consulting company such as 21st Century Health Care Consultants you avoid the Franchise name fees, ongoing royalty charges and land lock restrictions. This can save you thousands of dollars considering Initial Franchise fees range from $30,000 to $90,000.he only cost you will pay.

What are the costs associated with choosing a Senior care Consultant?

Prices and cost will vary when choosing a consulting company that specializes in opening Senior care businesses. If you chose 21st Century Health Care Consultants, the only cost that you pay, beyond a onetime fee of $9950,00 is the cost of your Senior care business Incorporation or LLC, the cost of insurance ($2,000 annually on average) and the cost of your State Senior care License (The cost of state Senior care licensure and requirements will vary state by state. Please call us for more information.).

What is the fast growing area in Health Care?

The fastest growing areas of the Senior care industry is Personal Care and Companion Care. The senior target population that will double in the next 10 to 15 years.

What type of services will my Senior care business license allow us to provide?

Your Senior care business will be responsible for allowing seniors in your community to remain in the comfort of their own Seniors They will get to live the lifestyle they enjoy. Your Senior care license will allow your employees to provide services in your clients Senior.

What type of resources and support will you need to have a successful Senior care Business?

You can rely on Home Care Business Resources and support. .We have 30 full-time employees including six master prepared Registered nurses that have either owned their own Senior care business or have operated one. All are CHAP certified consultants and are distinguished leaders in the Senior care and Senior health care industry.

What does it cost to open a Senior care Business?

For one low-cost, $9950,00, we get you licensed and provide everything you need to open a Senior care Business that is both successful and profitable. We offer free lifetime senior care business training, available to you and your colleagues for the lifetime of your Senior care Business. No Senior care Business Franchise fees, territory restrictions or hidden fees.

How do I find the right Senior care Consulting Company?

Consider the consulting companies experience. Home Care Business Resources has opened over one thousand Senior care agencies throughout the country. Again if you have the passion, we will help you open a Senior care business that gives the highest level of service to our deserving senior population.

What does my Senior care license allow you to do?

Once you have your Senior care license, you are now able to caregivers, Senior Health Aids and Certified Nursing Assistants to go into your client’s Seniors offering Senior care services. Senior care Services are Personal Care and Companion Care Services.

What type of training will I need to operate a successful Senior care Business?

Obtaining your Senior care license is important. However we feel that learning all that is needed to own and operate a Senior home care business is most important. We provide lifetime Senior care business training to you, your employees and any future employees for the lifetime of your Senior care business. Please visit our Home Care Training page for a description of our three-day training courses, the schedule for our live webinars and a description of our internet training portal. There you will find twenty raining videos and other educational resources. Our goal is to empower you. You will have the confidence in yourself to train and teach your employees to provide the care you would expect to have provided to your loved ones.

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