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What is the best home care business for you?

What is the best home care business for you? Lets start by fairly comparing the benefits of what a companion care and personal care business can offer. You can then make an educated decision as to what may be better for you.

Let’s begin by understanding that in either case the need for Home Care Businesses will continue to grow.

The baby boomer generations proposes unlimited opportunities for patient resources. In 2011 the baby boom generation began to turn sixty-five years of age. Today there are 40 million-plus Americans older than 65, and the number will surge to more than 88 million by 2050, Can you imagine that the number of seniors alone that will need personal care and companion care will more than double by the year 2030.

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The baby boomer generations proposes unlimited opportunities for patient resources. In 2011 the baby boom generation began to turn sixty-five years of age. Today there are 40 million-plus Americans older than 65, and the number will surge to more than 88 million by 2050, Can you imagine that the number of seniors alone that will need personal care and companion care will more than double by the year 2030. An estimated seventy-two million. In a survey released in August by the National Council on Aging shows that 90 percent of respondents 60 or older would prefer to stay in their home over living in an institution. Our country’s growing aging population and patient resource opportunities has made owning a Home Care Business very lucrative.

Lets start with what a companion care business is and the services that this business can provide.

Companion care Business provides non-medical care through qualified Non-medical homemakers and companions also known as caregivers. Caregivers assist seniors and others with their activities of daily living (ADLs). These services are provided where people are most comfortable – in their homes! In most states, activities of daily living consist of supervision, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, and social interaction. Caregivers are people who have a passion to help other people. In most cases you will find that Caregivers you will be employing will have prior experience working with other families and seniors.

Unlike most business, Both a Companion Care Business and a Personal Care Business requires minimal startup costs and is ideal to operate from the convenience of your home.

Starting a companion care business and state requirements requiring licensing for companion care will differ from state to state. In most states, you may find that you will need a form of registration or business license, when in other states you will need a home care license if you want to start a companion care business.

Companion Care services are paid for directly by the client. Medicare and Medicaid will not cover a patient for Companion care services however in some instances, long term care insurance will cover non-medical home care.

Another option for a companion care business is to provide Live in Care Services to seniors who need someone to be with them around-the-clock, Caregivers can work for several days at a time and must be provided with adequate sleeping arrangements.

Now lets explore what a Personal Care is and the services that this business can provide?

A personal Care Business can offer the same services as a companion care business as well as offers are high in demand. This business is solely dedicated to helping others. Whether it be providing caregivers, Home health aids or certified nursing assistants. Home health aides and CNA’s are allowed to touch the patent when providing care. Such services could include bathing, washing, grooming, assistance with moving, feeding, medication reminders and other. Pending on where your business is located Personal Care may be called something different such as Private duty care. A Personal care business employs Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing assistants. A CNA can also remind the senior to take her prescription medications.

In most cases, a personal care business will need a home care license. Keep in mind the main reason for this is a personal care business can touch the client and requires trained paraprofessionals when a companion care business does not.

In other states, where starting a companion care business is an option, you may wonder, why even start a companion care business. It seems that offering personal care business services which allow you to touch and bathe patients may be a far more beneficial than starting a companion care business.

Personal Care Services are also paid for directly by the client. However Medicaid, state waiver programs veterans’ programs and private and long term care insurance opportunities are available.

In most states Companion Caregivers require no formal training or certification .Many states do have required training requirements for Home Health Aides that work for Personal Care Businesses. Besides having to meet all state licensing requirements, Home Health Aides and CNAs are required to have numerous-service education plans complete every year.

The best way to open a successfully operate a home care business.

Call 21st Century Care Health Care Consultants to find out everything you will need to know about opening a Home Care Business. With 30 years of experience, we’ve helped more than two thousand business owners find personal and professional satisfaction.  We’re dedicated to individuals starting their own Home Care Business.  We at 21st Century Care Health Care Consultants, invite you to join our network of Leaders, in the Personal and Companion Care Industry. As a professional care provider, you have the unique opportunity to utilize your skills in a rewarding, fulfilling profession. Unlike Home Care Franchises, our program features: No Franchise Fees, No Royalty Charges, No Territory Restrictions, The completion of all State licensing applications, a CHAP or ACHC Accreditation, Lifetime training Program, Intranet portal that includes thirty educational training videos, Monthly Webinars, Marketing, Branding and business development materials.

We provide the most comprehensive home healthcare consulting program in the industry.

To find out more about our consulting program you can
click on any of the areas listed below.

All Licensing Requirements

21st Century’s Home Care Business Startup Process includes the completion of your states home care license application and all of the required home care business license paperwork requirements for you. 21st Century’s Home Care Business Startup Process begins with incorporating your home care business and obtain a Tax ID and NPI number for your home care business. Every state has different home care license and operation requirements and standards. Our home care consultants are well versed in all states and are able to assure you will achieve home care business licensure using our home care business policies and home care consulting services.

Home Care Policies, Procedures and Operational Materials

21st Century’s Home Care Business Startup Process includes home care policy and procedure manuals that are written to meet state standards and customized to your home care business including your home care business logo, staff and office details. Along with your customized, state specific home care policy and procedure manuals, 21st Century’s Home Care Business Startup Process also includes all of the operation forms and documents you will need to operate your home care business and stay compliant with State and Federal regulations.

Human Resources

Complete setup of your human resource department, including personnel files, competency evaluations, job descriptions, performance evaluations, in-service education guides and all other forms required for the home health care business to be operational.

Private Duty Accreditation

Our core personnel are former CHAP Accrediting Body Senior Site Supervisors. We train your staff to eliminate home care accreditation deficiencies and pass their home care accreditation site survey inspection. We complete an ON-SITE Mock home care accreditation audit at your location. This on-site audit includes a complete review of your Agency’s operations. Our Mock auditing procedures are similar to what the Home Care Accreditation Site Surveyor will be requiring when they survey your agency for Private Duty Certification.


One area of our Home Care Business Startup Process focuses on assisting you with developing the essential marketing pieces you will use to market your home care business. 21st Century’s Home Care Business Startup Process will provide you with a customized search engine optimization website, tailored specifically for your home heath care business.

  • The goal of your SEO (search engine optimization) website is to have your home health care business achieve first page presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Also included as part of our startup process we will be creating and customizing your home care business brochures and business cards. These marketing materials along with others are yours. We will provide you with 1000 HQ glossy home care business brochures and business cards as well as the design files for all marketing materials.

Specialty Programs

As part of our Home Care Business Startup Process, we will work with on a one and one basis to successfully develop and implement specialty programs including Fall Prevention & Safety, Low Vision, Alzheimer’s Care, Transitional Care and Memory Care Programs. Our consultants will provide you with the materials and training necessary to implement each program.

Lifetime Training & Support Program

Lifetime home care business training means that anytime you need home care consulting, have questions or have staff that require training, we are available to assist you at no additional cost. We will review the all clinical aspects of your agency. Admitting patients, review policies, referrals, as well as train you and your staff to understand how to obtain new clients, marketing, medical and emergency scenarios and many other topics.

We offer 4 days of live home care training. Our home health care business training seminars take place quarterly and are available to you, your current and future employees and never at any additional cost to attend.

Monthly Webinars

Our Operational, Patient Care and Business Development Webinars will offer our agencies the continuous expertise and guidance necessary to operate a successful home care agency. Among some of the topics discussed in the webinars are • Preparing for your Licensing Inspection • Choices for your Agency • Patient Care / Documentation • Infection Control • HIPAA / Ethical Issues • Human Resources • Employment Protocols • Business Development • Branding and Marketing Strategies

Online Training Academy

Access to our online Training Academy and Intranet Portal for your home care business and its employees. Includes, but is not limited to home care business training materials, marketing and advertising materials, interactive forum, networking (network with our entire database of existing home care businesses), 24 hour message board, etc.

Coaching (Ongoing Support)

Our certified senior care consultants will provide ongoing support via phone or email at your convenience. Our certified senior care consultants will help you get through the possible challenges in operating a successful home care agency. With that being said, a successful home care agency depends on having all the building blocks in place to be known in their own market area as a provider of quality home care services. Critical to this process is understanding the importance of our internal and external customers. This include our Employees (Caregivers), our Clients, and our Client Referral Sources and how we effectively identify, cultivate, grow and maintain relationships with each. Our coaches will provide you with the necessary assistance in understanding the requirements in providing services in the many areas pertaining to the activities of daily living.

Clinical Department

You will have the confidence to know that the clinical expertise of 7 degreed registered nurses are available when you need them. Several of our registered nurses are former state auditors and CHAP surveyors. With this type of support you will have peace of mind regarding patient care and documentation.

Our Patient Referral Program

This website is designed to provide patient referrals for our clients only. It provides a home care resource guide for patients in need of home care services throughout the country. This website recognizes the Home Care Agencies that we have established who have the very best of management and clinical operations. Their accomplishments are the result of 21st Century Health Care Consultants professional team and comprehensive training programs provided by 21st Century Home Care University. Your agency must first complete our standards of excellence program and then you will be eligible to appear in this directory.

Veterans Programs for Patient Referral Programs

Our Veteran’s Program provides financing to our agencies, allowing them to assist Veterans and their surviving spouses (1 in 3 seniors) to receive up to 25hrs of home care per week paid by the Veterans Administration. The uniqueness of this program allows our home care agencies to receive payment for services while the application is being processed. The agency has a profit potential of $22/hr after paying the administration fee. These margins can provide the agency with much as $7000 per year per VA Program client. We also offer our agencies the opportunity for patient referrals through the “VA Homemaker Program”. As part of our training program our clients are taught how to get enrolled with VA Hospitals for this service.

Proprietary Pricing

As the industry leader in home healthcare consulting, we are able to pass on to our clients proprietary pricing that amounts to thousands of dollars in savings. * These discounts are exclusively provided to 21st Century Health Care Consultants clients only.

Examples of this will be found in reduced fees such as:

  • $2200 off the normal fees associated with Private Duty Accreditation.
  • $1500 off Re-certification fees.
  • $2000 in savings provided through an exclusive insurance package for our clients.
  • 20% off through the Medicaid Waiver Network
  • 25% off on SEO Program
  • $1500 discount provided by the Institute of Professional Education.
  • Exclusive partnership agreement with ClearCare software.
  • Additional savings agreements in place for our clients with several operational software and billing companies.

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