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We Welcome Those That Are Considering Opening a
Home Hospice Agency to Attend our Hospice Conference.

There are many topics covered during this three day conference that are critical in the set up and operation of a successful Home Hospice agency.

We are experts in clinical and operational requirements needed to maximize your organization’s performance. 

Through our years of hands-on Home Hospice experience, our hospice consultants teach you how to have your organization employ a team approach to the critical issues of organizational performance, strategy development, accreditation and licensure, interim management, executive coaching, and the many other challenges agencies face every day.

We teach your home hospice agency how to meet the predetermined criteria and standards of accreditation established by a professional accrediting agency. 

The goal of home hospice accreditation is to ensure that the agency is credible, reputable and is dedicated to ongoing and continuous compliance with the highest standard of quality.

CHAP offers nationally-recognized accreditation services for hospice organizations that wish to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs. 

The comprehensive set of accreditation standards is written by industry experts to meet or exceed Medicare Conditions of Participation as well as align with industry best practices.

The leadership team of the CHAP Health Accreditation Partners (CHAP) will be making a presentation on the topic of meeting the predetermined criteria and standards of Medicare accreditation.

Opening a Hospice agency can not only be a profitable business but one that offers many rewards. With the staggering increase in geriatric population coupled with the improvement in Medicare reimbursement guidelines, it is never been more needed as well as an exciting time to enter into the Hospice Care arena. 

This benefit covers all services, medications and equipment related to the illness. These include:

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Since 1995, 21ST Century Health Care Consultants and its divisions’ grown start-up Home Health Care and Hospice companies into multi-million dollar enterprises. Our success is defined by our client’s success. This Heart for Hospice Conference offers creative solutions that revitalize businesses and positively impact growth potential.