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At 21st Century Home Healthcare Consultants, in addition to our lifetime training and education through our boot camps and web portal, we offer our ongoing Home Health Care Consulting services, Quality Outcomes Program that is an ongoing consulting agreement with 21st Century Home Healthcare Consultants.

The first five years of any business are the most demanding concerning long term success. Following the licensing and accreditation process your agency becomes dependent on implementing the policies and procedures provided to you. However, we do recognize that as a business owner, you will need additional assistance while trying to do all that is necessary to grow and make your business successful.

It is not if, but when you have specific questions and require additional support, that our Home Health Care Consulting program helps you achieve the next level. 

You receive the following services as part of this program:

Successful Re-accreditation

Once an agency completes their initial accreditation, it can become complacent because they have achieved their immediate goal. This oftentimes results in very serious issues in the re-accreditation process which occurs in year three.

When the time comes for you to complete re-accreditation with your accrediting body, your agency will have accumulated three years’ worth of data for the surveyor to review. The result is a re-accreditation survey is much more intense than an initial accreditation survey.

If your agency is not vigilant and compliant at all times, this will lead to issues at the re-accreditation survey.

Major deficiencies in this survey may result in multiple visits from your accrediting body. This can cost your agency thousands of dollars, and jeopardize your accreditation.

Active participation in our Quality Outcomes Program will ensure that when the time for your re-accreditation comes, you will pass with flying colors. By staying on top of quality agency operations, you will have a hassle-free re-accreditation.

We are the oldest, most established, home healthcare consulting company in the country.
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