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Home Infusion Therapy Training Programs

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Until the 1980s, home infusion therapy programs were unavailable. 

Patients receiving infusion therapy had to remain in an inpatient setting and were unable to receive home infusion therapy services.

Health care has become very focused on cost-containment in health care resulting in strategies to foster the administration of infusion therapy in alternate settings.

Today approximately 90% or more of all hospitalized patients receive some form of infusion services. 55% of these patients will continue receiving home infusion therapy services.

For individuals requiring long-term therapy, inpatient care is not only tremendously expensive but also prevents the individual from resuming normal lifestyle and work activities.

No longer confined to the hospital setting, infusion therapies are now delivered in alternative care sites such as the home, skilled nursing facilities, and physician offices.

Patients may shorten or avoid stays in institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes when their infusion therapy can be provided in alternate-site settings including their homes and ambulatory infusion centers.

We provide the most comprehensive home infusion therapy programs and training available in the industry.

To find out more about our infusion therapy training program you can view any of the areas listed below.

The manual includes chapters regarding:

nurse hands giving IV infusion therapy to a patient at home

Most commercial health plans recognize home infusion therapy as a medical service, reimbursed under their medical benefit (rather than the prescription drug benefit), and paid for using a per diem for clinical services, supplies, and equipment with separate payments for the drugs and nursing visits.

Most payers require that the infusion pharmacies and the nursing agencies be accredited by nationally recognized accreditation organizations (i.e., ACHC, CHAP, or JCAHO).

Home nursing visits required for patients receiving infusion therapy, reimbursement under Medicare Part A coverage included in Medicare’s home health benefit applies if the patient is serviced by a Medicare-certified home health agency, as well as considered to be homebound and in need of intermittent (not 24 hours) home nursing.

When you purchase the Infusion Program from 21st Century Health Care Consultants, we provide you with the elements required to meet or exceed these requirements.

Elements to assist you in the development of a profitable Infusion program that includes: