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Additional Services for Home Care Agencies

In addition to our consulting service that gets you started in the Home Care, Home Health Care, and Hospice industries, we also offer these other important services to help ease your burden and grow your business without the costly, mistake-laden learning curve of the unknown.

Provider Enrollment Services

Our clinical team has over 20 years’ experience providing credentialing services to health care businesses throughout the USA.

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Is your agency considering opportunities for patient referrals from the following resources?

We can get your agency approved as a provider of services for insurance companies that are not enrolling additional health care providers. Contact us to find out how. Did you know Medicaid waiver programs typically have minimum startup fees, which can provide an excellent source of revenue?  Medicaid Waiver Programs vary by state. At 21st Century, we know what each state offers. We can explain the benefits of enrollment with each and every Medicaid waiver program.

Home Health Care Accreditation Services

There are 2 types of accreditations available for Homecare businesses. The first is for personal care/private duty home health care businesses. The major benefit of this type of accreditation is patient resource opportunities. In most cases, a home care business requires accreditation to work with HMO and Insurance providers. The same goes for Medicaid and mandatory requirements to work with certain hospitals. The second option is to consider Medicare accreditation. This is the most sought-after type of accreditation, allowing a home health care business to bill Medicare for its services. Another added benefit is having all additional patient resource benefits associated with a Private duty type of accreditation. Please contact us to learn more about  Community Health Accreditation Partners (CHAP).

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