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Home Health Care Business

As a home health care business, you are able to offer skilled nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and social work.  This varies only in a few states such as Georgia and Maryland for example. Operating a home health care business will also enable you to offer non-medical home care business services that a personal care business or companion care business is able to offer. 

Although we recommend offering non-medical services along with your home health care business offering, there is a reason you are choosing a home health care business over a non-medical home care business.  Let’s discuss what makes this business the most profitable, rewarding home care business opportunity.

Home Health Care Business vs Non-Medical Home Care Business

Although non-medical home care businesses are highly successful, starting a home health care business will allow you to take advantage of all reimbursement opportunities available. It is easy to be discouraged from starting a home health care business as opposed to a personal care business or companion care business. 

This business will need more staff, working capital and are required to abide by higher standards than a non-medical home care business. It will also require a slightly higher capitalization requirement as the process is longer to achieve and highly regulated by the state, federal government, and accrediting bodies.

Home Health Care Business Medicare Accreditation

A home health care business has the advantage of achieving home health care accreditation, be it Private Duty or Medicare Accreditation. Medicare Accreditation is a difficult process, but 21st Century Care Providers Home Care Consultants understand this process and have what it takes to assure your business successfully achieves state licensing and Medicare Accreditation. Once your business is Medicare Accredited, you will receive a Medicare Billing Number. Your home health care business at this point can also enroll in Medicaid programs and with insurance companies.

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