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Make a Difference with a Lucrative Career you Love

Opening a hospice business is not only a lucrative investment but also provides a multitude of benefits – both professional and personal. 

Along with the clinical aspects of care, a hospice agency reaches out to patients and families during their most challenging moments. 

A hospice business provides compassionate assistance for patients and families in need of psycho-social and spiritual support.

As the owner of your hospice business, you’ll provide the comfort and loving care people need during their end-of-life experience. 

Starting a hospice business enables you to improve the quality of life for people dealing with progressive, advanced, and terminal illnesses.

We Teach You EVERYTHING you Need to Build Your Hospice Business

This type of intensive care requires highly developed skills. For this reason, a sustainable business model within a positive organizational culture is essential. 

In addition, developing an effective partnership with clients is also a critical component for your hospice business success.

Work with an Established Leader in the Hospice Business Industry

Established in 1995, 21st Century Health Care Consultants has helped over 5,000 clients get their hospice business license.  We provide a turn-key hospice business startup and ongoing consulting program.

Through years of hands-on experience, our hospice consultants have a solid understanding of hospice care. This includes how to set up and operate your own successful hospice care agency. Our hospice consultants are experts in clinical and operational requirements needed to maximize your organization’s performance.

Do you Have a


for Hospice?

If you have a passion for providing compassionate support to patients and families during end-of-life needs, you need to attend our seminar. Our “A Heart for Hospice” training is a 4-day course designed to teach you everything you need to know to start and operate a successful hospice care agency.

Opportunities to open a Hospice Care Business are Abundant!

Get a hospice business license and open a hospice care agency with our hospice consulting services. Talk to one of our hospice consultants today!
The staggering growth of our geriatric population along with improved Medicare reimbursement guidelines have skyrocketed the need for hospice care. With our hospice business startup, it’s never been easier to obtain a hospice business license.

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We ensure our clients fully understand all hospice care agency requirements. This includes the following:

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