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Medicare Accreditation

Medicare Accreditation for home health care agencies is a difficult process to achieve. If you are looking to achieve Medicare Accreditation, we can help.

It is required that all CHAP Accredited Home Health Care agencies go through a 5 step CHAP Re-Accreditation Process / Survey every three years to remain CHAP Accredited. 

This process of CHAP Re-Accreditation includes the completion of the CHAP self-study manual.

This CHAP self-study details everything pertaining to the home health care operational and clinical procedures.

This also includes a census of all patients that have been treated detailing all patient episodes.

Our home health care business consultants are home health care licensure and CHAP Accreditation specialists. 

We offer a turnkey business startup program that begins long before the CHAP Accreditation Process. 

If your home health care business has already taken the initial steps to start a home health care business, our home health care consultants can assist you with your CHAP Accreditation enrollment immediately.

Our home health care consultants will help you to obtain the home health care license required in your state prior to proceeding with the CHAP Private Duty Accreditation or CHAP Medicare Accreditation process for home health care CHAP Accreditation.

Regardless of the state you are in, our home health care consultants understand the process and guarantee their services. Our goal is to save you time and money.  Our home health care consultants CHAP Accreditation and home health care licensure expertise allows your home health care business to save a minimum of three months off the normal waiting time to achieve a home health care license using our home health care consulting services.

Our clinical department consists of master’s prepared home health care administrators/directors of nursing.  They write all of the home health care policies and procedures to meet the state-specific home health care business license requirements, medicare’s condition of participation as well as CHAP Medicare Accreditation or CHAP Private Duty Accreditation standards.  Also included are all of the forms and documents that will be required to operate your home health care business. This includes everything from HR Documents, to admission forms and in-services.

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CHAP Medicare Accreditation

If your home health care business plans to achieve CHAP Medicare Accreditation, our home health care consultants will complete your 855A Medicare Application and begin preparing your home health care business for CHAP Medicare Accreditation . Once the Medicare Application is approved our home health care consultants will visit your home health care business staff to walk your homr health care business through a mock CHAP Medicare Accreditation audit as performed by a CHAP Medicare Accreditation site surveyor. Our clinical department will review your patient charts, personnel files, agency logs, write your committee minutes, etc., assuring you are in good position and ready to achieve CHAP Medicare Accreditation when your CHAP Medicare Accreditation survey occurs.

CHAP Private Duty Accreditation

Our home health care consultants follow a similar process if your home health care business wants to achieve CHAP Private Duty Accreditation.

Training seminars for CHAP Accreditation

Our home health care consultants highly recommend your home health care business and staff attends our home care university home health care training programs prior to the CHAP Accreditation survey for CHAP Private Duty Accreditation or CHAP Medicare Accreditation. After attending our live Home Care Training and Home Health Care Training Seminar, you will receive all the necessary tools needed for your Home Health Care Agency to succeed.

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Successful CHAP Accreditation can reap many benefits for your home health care business.

The CHAP Accreditation process will provide credibility with government and third-party payers, the ability to develop your true competitive edge, better business plan, improved home health care policies, more effective and efficient operations, stronger risk management strategies, reduction in incidents, enhanced team awareness, marketing edge, professional self-respect, accreditation allows you to raise your standards of excellence and be a health care leader in your community, accredited to work with all HMO Providers, remain compliant work with all hospitals and avoid the possible changes in FUTURE state regulations. For a complete breakdown of our home health care business startup and CHAP Accreditation programs, please call us for more information.

If you have questions in regard to the CHAP Accreditation process be it Private Duty or Medicare Accreditation, associated costs, or requirements, we have the answers. Contact our home health care consultants today!