Start a Personal Care Business

A Personal Care Business is the ideal non-medical home care business startup


As a personal care business owner, you have the ability to offer all of the services of a companion care business as well as additional services that have to do with activities of daily living. A personal care business can offer hands-on services. A companion care business cannot. For this reason, most home care agencies offer personal care services. A personal care business can provide all services under the non-skilled umbrella.

In most states, you need to acquire a license to start a personal care business. You will be required to have a personal care business license in California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and Kansas. This license is required because personal care services provided hands-on assistance to patients in areas of activities in their daily living. There are several states that do not require a personal care license, they are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio and Vermont. Presently they’re only a few states whereby dual licenses are required for personal care business and /or a companion care business. Another factor in considering opening a personal care business is staffing and requirements. These may differ accordingly to the state that the agency will be doing business in.

The personal care business is the backbone of our healthcare system

The personal care business is the backbone of our healthcare system in many ways. A personal care business will help to reduce hospitalization rates and is typically, the only alternative the handicapped, elderly and their families have when faced with the fear of admission into a nursing home or assisted living facility. A personal care business will care for the patient in their home allowing them to live independently in their home.

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Personal Care Services In The Home

These providers represent a rapidly growing trend to allow people needing help with long term care to remain in their home or in the community instead of going to a care facility. The services offered may include:

  • companionship
  • grooming and dressing
  • recreational activities
  • incontinent care
  • handyman services
  • teeth brushing
  • medication reminders
  • bathing or showering
  • light housekeeping
  • meal preparation
  • respite for family caregivers
  • errands and shopping
  • reading email or letters
  • overseeing home deliveries
  • dealing with vendors
  • transportation services
  • changing linens
  • laundry and ironing
  • organizing closets
  • care of house plants
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • family counseling
  • phone call checks
  • and much more.

Please call us for more information about the specifics requirements about opening a personal care business in your state.



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